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The conference will run over three days and include a mix of plenary sessions, award ceremony, breakout sessions and fireside chats.

Sunday 20 March: Arrival, golf, welcome dinner.

Monday 21 March: Day 1 will feature plenary keynotes […]

Topics and themes:

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Connected 2016 will address the ‘Service Gap’ theme by addressing the following topics:

Status of selected National ICT Projects
Improving Government financial efficiency- IFMIS
ICT as an enabler for business growth
Digital Literacy: whose responsibility?
Funding ICT development
ICT Infrastructure Status […]

Conference Overview: Bridging the Service Gap

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The explosive entry of digital technology into everyday life has changed how people live and work, how companies do their daily business and how governments serve their people.

Governments around the world are recognizing the value […]

The Connected Summit

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The Connected Summit, is the brainchild of the ICT Authority in consultation with ICT industry players and key government decision makers.

The Connected Summit, first held in 2009, aims at establishing a platform for collaboration, capacity […]