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Women in Tech Training

Women inTech - Free Webinar

Course Day Time Duration Trainer
Self-Awareness: Leading with Emotional Intelligence 8th April 2022 9.30 -11.30am 2 hours Shab Esmael
Unleash the Power of Mentorship in Your Organization 9th April 2022 9.30 -11.30am 2 hours Mercy Kimani

Mercy Kimani
Dale Carnegie Certified Trainer

  • Certified Trainer - Dale Carnegie Course (DCC) - Trainer Endorsement Certificate
  • Certified Trainer - Winning With Relationship Selling (WWRS) - Winning with Relationship
  • Selling Trainer Endorsement Certificate
  • Certified Trainer - World Class Customer Service (WCCS)


  • Diploma & Certificate in Leadership Training and Certificate in Trainer of Trainers workshop
  • Management & Leadership Skills Training - Steadman Group
  • Communicators’ and People Behaviour workshop - Leadership Training Institute
  • Mentor Training - Emerging Young Leaders, Africa
  • Certificate in Trainer of Trainers workshop
  • Certificate in Kenya Sign Language proficiency & Sign Language Interpreter.


A powerful way to engage employees, improve performance, build loyalty is to create a mentoring program. Pairing less experienced workers with tenured workers can help keep lines of communication open. It demonstrates an interest in the long-term goals and success of employees, identifies opportunities to meet those goals, assists in succession planning, and passes on important values, expertise and experience.

A mentor provides professional advice and support. He or she willingly shares knowledge, experience and often personal and professional network contacts. Successful mentoring can help less experienced individuals navigate away from costly mistakes. For a mentor, the relationship provides an opportunity to gain a fresh perspective and the satisfaction from guiding others to professional success.

In this two-hour Live Online workshop, learn what it takes to make the launch of your program successful and avoid the challenges that often derail organizational initiatives.

Participants will be able to:

  • Apply the essentials for launching a successful mentoring initiative.
  • Determine a mentoring purpose and what mentee groups your program will serve.
  • Use guidelines to find, prepare, and match mentors to mentees for win-win outcomes.
  • Use a five-step process for mentoring conversations to build strong relationships.


Command and control leadership is dead. The time when leaders could throw out an order and their teams would follow it blindly is long gone. If people don’t like your management style, they don’t wait; they leave. Those are the facts. That is why more than
ever, leaders need to be self-aware and approach situations with empathy and emotional intelligence.

As a leader, you hold many of the keys to your employee’s performance. Your ability to drive performance and result through others is crucial to your success. It all depends on your ability to build confidence, motive, and engage your team.

In this 2-hour workshop, you’ll learn tools and techniques to better understand how you react to certain situations and people. The process will allow you to gain deeper insights into your own strengths and weaknesses as a leader.

By gaining new insights into yourself and your own leadership capabilities you can start building your leadership skills. Take the time to understand and reflect on what you need to develop as a leader. Join us for this live interactive workshop and take charge
of your own success as a leader.

Participants will be able to:

  • Recognize the relationship between perspective and selfawareness
  • Identify the positive impact of self-awareness on your ability to effectively lead
  • Understand your personal leadership qualities

Shab Esmael

  • 25+ years’ leadership experience as founder, Partner & Director of a security equipment & services Company
  • 10+ years’ experience as a certified Dale Carnegie Trainer and Executive Coach
  • Public Speaker l Master of Ceremony l Keynote Speaker
  • Board Member of Jubilee Group Mauritius
  • Member of AWEP, African Women Entrepreneur Program
  • Member of AMFCE, association Mauricienne des femmes Chef d’entreprise
  • BTS in international trade and languages
  • Certified in the following curriculum areas: human relations, communication & presentation skills, conflict management, leadership, process improvement, change management, employee engagement, stress management, innovation, time management
  • WebEx facilitation