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Why should I Attend

Connected Summit 2022

Why should I Attend

The 11th Summit will feature:

  • Exclusive keynotes from high profile leaders from Public & ICT Industry players in East Africa and the globe
  • Policy dialogue on Digital Transformation accelerators for business growth and service delivery
  • Breakout sessions led by knowledge domain experts from multinational, public and local partners speakers


Interaction with product, service solutions and innovations transforming business and the public sector. Understand the benefit and how to accelerate organizations transformations and how best to deploy technology for maximum ROI.


Network with peers to advance and scale your business operations & Gain insights on how to develop and sustain your career through our Pre-event activities and earn CPD points


Meet the like-minded peers, identify opportunities for partnerships, joint ventures, or new areas of business interest. Interact with influential people.


Get a chance to transform your business and organization. Discover product and service solutions to accelerate your business and improve your ROI.