Mr. John Sergon, EBS – CEO, ICT Authority

//Mr. John Sergon, EBS – CEO, ICT Authority

Mr. John Sergon, EBS – CEO, ICT Authority

Mr. John Sergon has been appointed the Acting Chief Executive Officer of the ICT Authority effective 22nd March, 2018.

Until his appointment, he was the Director of ICT at the Ministry of ICT in the State Department of ICT & Innovation, overseeing the numerous high value ICT projects under the Ministry. Before then, he was the Ag. ICT Secretary, Directorate of e-Government and Director ICT at the Directorate of e-Government, in the Office of the President.

In addition, John has a wealth of experience in the security sector where he was the Director ICT in the National Security Intelligence Service from 1999 to 2008, a post he held until he was transferred to the Directorate of e-Government.

John holds a Business Administration Bachelors degree from the University of Columbia, USA and MSC, Information Systems Management from the Bowie State University.

Mr. Sergon brings to the ICT Authority over 24 years’ experience in public service, mainly in the ICT and security sectors. He is married and has three sons.