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John Gitabi Kimotho
Ed Tech Consultant

John Kimotho is a champion and thought leader in Educational Media in East Africa. He is the Former Director of Educational Media at the Kenya Institute of Curriculum Development (Feb. 2008 to Feb. 2022) and led the Country in educational media for levels other than University. His portfolio included overseeing the development and provision of quality print and electronic media curriculum support materials (Books. Digital Books, Radio, TV, Interactive digital Content online and offline). He takes leadership in Digital literacy in curriculum content and delivery.  

He is a PhD Communication Student at Daystar University writing dissertation having completed the course work and defended the research proposal. He holds a Master’s Degree (Communications - Media Studies) from Daystar University. He holds Post Graduate Diploma (PGD) in African Leadership in ICT and Knowledge Society from Dublin City University and PGC in media management from University of Alberta, Canada.  He  has  undertaken  several  professional  courses  in  strategic  leadership  and  development,  strategic negotiations, results based performance and public private partnerships.  Mr. Kimotho is a registered with Engineer’s Registration Board. He is an award winner in Pan African Heritage awards in Television category and Public  Service  award  in Innovations.  Prior to joining KICD he has worked in the educational media field and served at Kenya Broadcasting Corporation, Educational Media - Canada and National Museums of Kenya (NMK).

He is an ambassador and advocate of Digital Literacy to spur development through knowledge economy. He is an educator and transformative leader at community, national and regional levels. He trains communities in leadership skills and sustainable educational technology in Africa for Africa.