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County Forum

Connected 2022

County Forum Session - 11th April 2022

The County Forum Session will be held during the Connected Kenya Summit 2022 on 11th April 2022. The session brings together both the National & County Governments, Private Sector, Local and International delegations.  The discussion will seek to find out the extent to which the counties are adopting and leveraging on ICTs in order to deliver on their Counties development plans.

This year’s theme is: “the of role of Counties in Accelerating Digital Transformation”. The theme seeks to build on foundations set in the last decade to drive conversations on accelerating digital gains, opportunities in the transformation of Kenya’s villages to Smart cities and accelerating business, closing the digital skills gap.

Counties are the pillars for devolution and have played a critical role in devolution, they should take the lead in reducing the digital divide by ensuring that the benefits of accessing technology is extended to the citizenry, reaching the remotest parts of the counties through the Internet.
The COVID-19 pandemic has compounded into critical socioeconomic impacts in Kenya and which must be understood to inform timely responses. It has highlighted a newfound sense of urgency to the digital transformation agenda. Digital Technologies have huge potential to act as development enablers in the counties.