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September 2018

2018 – Preserving our Heritage, Pioneering Technology

A great deal of earnest discussion that will go on under Connected Kenya Summit, 2018, will shape how the industry will engage together and provide solutions on the use of ICT to attain the big four plus create a golden networking opportunity for government,students,investors and so give life to the events’ theme.

2017 – Shaping the future

The digital revolution in Kenya can now be confirmed. Delegates at Connected Summit 2017 will explore and identify issues that arise and the need to be addressed in order to better harness the data resource on citizens

2016 – Bridging the service gap

The Connected Summit is a platform for collaboration and knowledge sharing in the ICT sector with a view of linking and hastening implementation of government IT projects to world-class standards.

2015 – Strength In Our Networks

The Connected East Africa Summit addressed issues of building an integrated ICT infrastructure and policies in the region. The East Africa countries formed an inter-ministerial committee which looks into breaking regional barriers in harmonisation of ICT.

2014 – Breaking the Barriers

The 2014 Summit explored and highlighted key barriers to adoption and implementation of ICT in counties, among crucial citizen demographics and within government and explored how to mitigate these challenges.

2013 – County Citizen Served

County Citizen Served

2012 – Knowledge & beyond

The Connected Kenya Summit 2012 explored and highlighted how access to information can be harnessed to create a high-skilled, productive and innovative citizenry.

2011 – Innovating for the citizen

The Connected Kenya Summit featured top speakers from Public and private sector speaking on; How is Government leveraging on Technology to engage the citizen? and What initiatives are being undertaken by private sector to address citizen needs.

2010 – Shared Services to drive down cost to citizen

Connected Government Summit

2009 – Great Minds come together

The Connected Goverment Summit brings together the Public and Private Sector ICT players in a forum to network, share ideas and knowledge with a view of achieving public service excellence. The Summit focuses on ICT collaboration with the Private Sector, across and beyond Government.