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Connected Summit 2018:  Thematic Tracks

Connected Summit 2018 Date: 22nd to 24th October 2018  Bomas of Kenya, Nairobi, Kenya


Connected Kenya Summit was first held in 2009. Over the years the summit has continued to bring together industry players from the Private, Public Sector and Academia. The Summit offers a platform where the industry players, government, innovators and other stakeholders mingle freely, share and exchange ideas on how ICT can continue to be a catalyst of service delivery to citizens.

The Summit has continued to tackle topical issues in the industry. The inaugural theme in 2009, for example, was “Great minds come together” in 2016 the theme was “Bridging the service gap” while the theme for Connected Kenya Summit 2017 was “Shaping the future”. The Connected Kenya 2018 will be the 10th Edition and mark a shift from a recreational to an inspirational environment as such developments realized in ICT in the country and the region during these period will be showcased and celebrated.

Theme for 2018

“Preserving Our Heritage. Pioneering Technology”

Kenya is transforming into a regional ICT hub and developing into a globally competitive digital economy. This can be confirmed by the world acknowledged mobile revolution especially in the mobile money ecosystem, number of innovations occurring in the country, growth and investment in broadband infrastructure and the on-going development of the silicon savannah amongst others. All these developments in ICT occur in an atmosphere of sports, tourism and culture – Kenya is a global leader in athletics and has some of the best tourism attractions in the world in a rich multi-lingual and multi-cultural set-up.

The Kenyan people are recognized as vibrant, resilient and entrepreneurial. Their passion for creativity and innovation is in-built and intrinsic. The need to reconnect with this culture and share it with the world, as the rich resource and inspiration for our innovative rise, is unconsciously expected if not automatic.

In Africa and the region there is a growing call for synergies and harmonization of ICT initiatives to establish a single digital market. This would not only grow whole economies but transform them and midwife the application of technology in a sustainable manner.

The employee of the future, for example, is already with us utilizing mobile and other digital platforms to satisfy their employers. The distinction between banks and mobile network operators, on the other hand, continues to diminish. These developments provide additional economic interactions, raise new frontiers, invite questions and seek novel responses from the leaders, legislators, policy makers, regulators and industry players in ICT.

The fact that private entities in this era actively collect and keep a lot of citizens’ data is a case in point. The storage and utilization of this data becomes a concern. How the data is collected, stored, processed and used soon become inputs to the quest by both Government and private entities on its exploitation.

By deliberating on efforts to date and examining lessons learnt, delegates at Connected Summit 2018 will explore and identify issues that arise and the need to be addressed in order to better harness the data resource on citizens.

The sub-themes to be explored include:

Track 1: Harnessing ICT for economic growth

    • ICTs Contribution to GDP & growth
    • Technological innovations for Service delivery especially for the big-4 i.e food security, housing, manufacture and universal health
    • Artificial Intelligence and machine-to-machine (M2M) economy/Machine Learning
    • Organizational Disruption
    • Transformation of service delivery through use of data as an intermediary, it’s credibility, authenticity, security and confidentiality
    • Blockchains and hashgraphs – best Government use case and Fintech
    • ICT in food security, manufacturing, universal health and housing
    • Single digital economy in Africa
    • Cloud in the edge

Track 2: Innovations in ICT and education

    • Changing face of ICT in Schools
    • Workforce Mobility and Workforce Market Place
    • Workers with 21st century skills
    • Improvements on service delivery and consumer/customer interaction for enhanced economic growth
    • Internet of Things/Internet of Everything
    • Business innovation and online presence
    • Conversational platforms

Track 3: Safeguarding Citizen Data

    • Policy and regulation on other parties on use of citizen data
    • Privacy of citizens’ and businesses data
    • Improve service delivery
    • Cyber security/Cyber Intelligence
    • Big data – analytics and mining
    • Country Case Studies –  UAE, Portugal, Belgium, Estonia, South Korea and Brazil

There will an exhibition and ICT EXPO featuring ICT innovations and revolutionary solutions from the public and private sectors, academia, civil society organizations and professional organizations in ICT. The Technology village will also house an incubation area for ICT startups, creators, accelerators and angel investors.

Objectives for Connected Kenya 2018 Summit

  • To review progress and celebrate achievements in the ICT sector in the last decade
  • To share knowledge, case studies, best practice and lessons learnt based on experiences in the area of the ICTs for economic development and prosperity especially the Big 4 i.e food security, universal health, housing and manufacturing
  • To develop and recommend policy, regulatory and operational interventions necessary to ensure management of citizens’ data for mutual benefit (Government and Private Sector)
  • Charter a future Kenya of economic prosperity using ICTs based on review of achievements and lessons learnt in both public, private sector and academia and in light of new and emergent technologies
  • Provide a platform for meaningful networking that will result in fruitful relationships that contribute to economic development.

Summit Partners and Potential Sponsors

The theme for Connected Summit 2018 “Preserving Our Heritage. Pioneering Technology” seeks to, firstly, appreciate our diversity as a country and celebrate our unique culture. Secondly, harness and rally opportunities in ICT, especially within the areas of the Big Four – food security, affordable housing, manufacturing and affordable healthcare. As with the past Summits, local and multinational companies with an interest in the ICT sectors will be approached to co-sponsor the event. Other than sponsorships, the partners will bring together thought-leaders to facilitate conversations about the topics to be covered in the main conference, targeted panels and fireside chats.

The ICT Authority will bring together senior government officials, county representatives, private sector players, academia and authorities in ICT to highlight the needs on the ground as both public and private sectors endeavors to deliver efficient services to the citizen.

For more information, contact:

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